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Welcome to Oh Two Seven by me, Aaron Aiken. Thought I had life figured out, but I am young, maybe even naive...definitely naive. I’m in my mid-to-late thirties, gainfully employed while always working on that side business. I’m also a dad. And I’m also restarting my life, in a sense. Experiencing the phenomenon of being a bachelor after having had a family (i.e. divorced). I’ve never been alone, so this is all very new to me.

Living life backward.

As “we” worked up to this point (since January 2021) I have allowed myself to get pretty low and am in the midst of “recovery”. I have emptied too many bottles trying to figure things out (at least that’s what I told myself) but really just trying to numb my thoughts and feelings.

And so as things come to an end, I think I can begin writing again…essentially journaling through what has transpired, what led to that, how I let that impact me, how I think and talk as vaguely as possible, and the journey of trying to pick myself back up from this mess.

Written for me, published for you. Win win situation.

I’m not going to state any type of posting schedule for now, as I’m restarting my writer’s voice; I’m going to publish words here as they enter my brain and exit through my fingers via this fancy keyboard.

Thoughts about life to date, life that has passed, life that is ahead. Reflections on alcohol and my relationship with that particular substance. Musings of how things should have gone, could have gone, but didn’t. Advice to my past-self.

Personal essays and such.

I need to get back to writing again, publicly, and I like the vibe of Substack. Seems like a nice place and you seem like a nice person. Subscribe and join the fun :-)

(Are you a nosy person from my past? This letter is for you.)

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living life backward while trying to move forward. personal essays attempting to capture my headspace on a day to day basis after going through the life altering experience of divorce.


Aaron Aiken

coffee addict. dad. I think a lot. 100% human.